Friday, October 21, 2005
  Illustration Friday: remote

Hi Daisies - a very small drop shadow behind the text might help, as would slightly bolder text. It's a great verse and a really neat concept!
wonderful....cool look...how did you do it?
A small drop shadow would help. Another typeface would make it pop more as well. The one you used for "float" would work for this particular illustration. Overall a nice illustration!
cool and nice verse!
How to do this? There must be an easier way!This was alot of work. I used a painting and an illustration I had done previous. The backround is a portion of an abstract oil painting I photographed and cropped in photoshop. For the palm tree, I drew lineart in illustrator, printed it on cardstock and colored with Dr. PH Martins watercolored ink- then scanned back into photoshop. I drew the child in illustrator and merged all three layers into photoshop. Then I removed the red channels to leave only blue and green shades. The text was added last- and looks bad. Anyopne know how to add sparkles in photoshop?
Wow...what a process! The colors are beautiful, and the words are lovely. You might be able to acieve a sparkle in the background by pixelating it and the using the plastic wrap or glass filter on it. Then you could fade the effect and use dissolve. I play around with the filters a lot and the fade options. You could also add sparkles by putting in lots of tiny lens flares. For the test... You could either use a drop shadow or you could bold it and then bevel it.
When I want to incorporate text into an illustration I usually complete the illustration first (even if I am altering it in photoshop - I then print it out)add handwritten text or rub ons and then scan the finished project. Sometimes getting the results we want are very time consuming! I love the verse and picture the way it is.
well done
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