Friday, September 02, 2005
  Illustration Friday: roots

Katrina took my home but not my roots...
For non-proliferation's sake, Sun asks OSI to retire older open source license
There's a bit of news on the the open source license non-proliferation front. Proliferation of incompatible open source licenses has balkanized the open source software community to a point that code isn't ...
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i admire your blog for 'roots' upon the rest ive seen so far.
you should do something else with this, something more valuable for the people whom cases reflect on your drawing. This blog really hit my heart, and it is with all those ones who need our help.

nice job
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Beautiful thought...

Though I am from another country,across the ocean I am very sad for New Orleans.It was one of the places I was planning to visit.


This is really good illustration even without its significance. I really admire the turbulence of the sky behind the house and the sense of a violent storm that the opposing movements of the tree and house create. Your two quotes really bring out the message.
you've beuatifully illustrated the "roots" theme! i like it a lot, but the stong, straight-to-the-heart message dampened my spirits. i'm really sorry if you were affected by Katrina.. everyone affected have been in my prayers =(
Just love your work week to week! You take it straight to the heart - and with such skill and sensitivity! Lovely submission once again!
I love your ideas in your art
You did a wonderful job, very colorful and with lots of significance. I specially liked the bible verse.
art with a message...I love it! spirituality mixed with art isn't something you come across everyday...and it's something that you beautifully mix..

this one in particular hits me because it was part of the message in our bishop's sermon.
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