Sunday, September 18, 2005
  Illustration Friday: escape

Hit SavE!
i lost my illo on friday after hours of work. this is a 2nd attempt, completed in a shortened time.
OUCH Those bits of wire sure look like they hurt };-}
this one's lovely, the other can hardly have been better...
The colors to me seem just right for this illustration. I love the interpretation and illustration.
After loosing work to a sudden crash I learned to set auto save every 5 minutes
Oh, that's such a bummer to lose all that work! But this is really lovely..soft colors, simple drawing, evocative message. The little bird really looks like it just rushed right out of the cage! Was you first illustration the same idea?
i like all of it - the bird's pose, the simple lines, the colors, the fitting scripture. (the broken cage is my favorite part of this illo.)
Sorry to hear you lost your illo, but this one looks very nice. I love the bird.
simply beautiful illustration!
there is something so real about this drawing. i really like it.
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